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Companies are battling strong competition in a fierce marketplace with an increase in customer expectations in both quality and services. Also, there’s an increase in product complexity and costs along with constant technology changes and bigger challenges in finding and retaining good employees.

The challenges companies face are effective ways of improving the efficiency of their value chain. These challenges include having the right vision, strategy and business model in place, developing and implementing target operating and service delivery models, cost control and reduction programs. Plus, companies need to optimize business processes, ensuring that business and frontline leaders are well-equipped to proactively manage and engage the resources available to maximize their contribution and assist in daily problem-solving.

With 20+ years of global operational leadership experience from three different countries in fast-growing companies, I have practical hands-on experience in several aspects of change management, operations and supply chain excellence and project management. I can be your partner in developing transformation programs unique to your business that will deliver sustainable results.

I hold an Engineering Degree from the University of Copenhagen. I also have a hands-on education as a machinist and welder, building machines for the stone wool industries, from furnaces to packaging and loading equipment.

After university, I started as a project engineer and quickly grew into larger roles with the companies I worked for, such as Maintenance Management, R&D Manager, Production Management, Plant Management and VP of Operations.

I’m an effective, diplomatic, creative, competitive and results-oriented person and leader. My most recent role was as the Vice President of Operations for the world’s largest manufacturer of stone wool in North America, leading +50 salary and +700 hourly employees.

I have an impressive track record of identifying and implementing improvement projects. My personal drive and dedication always lead me to be creative and ahead of the competition to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The list of my accomplishment includes Brown and Greenfield constructions, three plant turnarounds, several de-bottlenecking and capital improvements projects. However, some of the greatest and most inspiring improvement projects I have spearheaded were simply listening to people and supporting them while implementing their ideas.

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada).

Just to mention a few of my key accomplishments

  • Build and developed an operational organization from scratch to 50-salary and more than 700-hourly employees over the past 20 years on two different continents and three different countries
  • Maintained an impressive H&S statistic within operations and capital projects with close to zero lost time accidents
  • Built stone wool production capacity to meet customer demands with large capital investments in de-bottlenecking, Brownfield acquisitions and Greenfield construction
  • Completed a factory Greenfield start-up in Mississippi
  • Completed three plant turnarounds covering organization re-alignment, leadership development and employee motivation and engagement
  • Implemented simple and very effective practices such as LEAN, ISO 9001, TOC, SOP, SWP to improve safety, productivity, ensure consistent product quality and sustain improvements
  • Implemented operational sustainability measures to reduce waste to Landfill, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and improve overall energy efficiency
  • Projects management and CAPEX implementation
  • Negotiated operational permits with authorities in Denmark, Canada & the USA

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